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Today's Forecast for Supervisors
Today's Forecast for Supervisors

Monitor crew member fatigue and identify upcoming fatigue risks, before and during your crew's shift on ReadiSupervise

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With Today's Forecast for Supervisors, we've overhauled ReadiSupervise to make it easier for supervisors to get the info they need and make records in a snap.

New features include:

Today's Fatigue Forecast

  • An upgraded but familiar interface for ReadiSupervise

  • Inline stats for users' sync history and usage - just hover on any name

  • Intelligent shift schedule handling. See only users who are assigned to your shift today - no more irrelevant data crowding your view!

What can a Supervisor do with Today's Forecast?

Today's Forecast allows you to view fatigue in your workforce right now, and throughout a work schedule. Best of all, it only surfaces the users your Supervisors need to focus on.

Whether you’re viewing a particular shift or filtering by a group, this predictive tool empowers Supervisors to plan, intervene, and reduce workplace risk.

  • Receive fatigue projections for on-duty crew members, monitoring current and future ReadiScores for those on your crew fatigue levels

  • Filter by a specific shifts or groups of users to plan critical tasks for the right worker, at the right time

  • Identify likely hotspots in their shift pattern and plan interventions long before critical fatigue occurs

  • Coming soon: Log key details of fatigue interventions in a single tap of a user's name

Accessing Today's Forecast for Supervisors

Using Today's Forecast

To view fatigue forecasts for your crew on today's shift, follow these steps:

1. Select Your Crew

  • Select the group(s) or location(s) you are supervising today from the Locations and Groups dropdown menu.

  • If Groups or Locations aren't yet configured, ask your Readi program manager for help setting this up.

2. Select Your Shift

  • Select the shift you are currently managing from the Shifts dropdown menu.

  • If Shifts aren't yet configured, ask your Readi program manager for help setting up your schedule. (You can also select "Next 18 hours" for a more general view, which will show you ReadiScores for all workers in your selected groups or locations, regardless of what shift they have been assigned to.)

3. Adjust Your Risk Threshold (optional)

  • By default, Risk Thresholds are set to a ReadiScore of 70.

  • Risk Thresholds are used to segment the data, indicating visually which users are projected to fall below that threshold during the selected shift hours.

  • You can adjust your risk threshold in the input field before you submit. (Users with the "Company Manager" role can change defaults via the Configure panel).

4. Click Submit to View Fatigue Projections

  • Once you click Submit, Today's Forecast will surface projected ReadiScores for users who match the specific criteria of your selection.

  • In particular, users that appear must both belong to your selected group(s) or location(s), as well as be assigned to your selected shift on the current day.

  • For instance, if user John Smith belongs to Night Shift, he will only appear in your view if he is assigned to a Night Shift that is scheduled for today.

Additional details:

  • For a user to appear in the data set, they must also have a ReadiScore projection, and have synced within 12 hours of a start of the selected shift. Otherwise, they will appear in the "No Recent Data" section. This is done in order to ensure users with outdated projections do not appear in the table. .

5. Understanding The Data

Next to each user's name, observe several key points of data:

  • Time to 70: Values in this column indicate the amount of time until a user is projected to hit the Risk Threshold (e.g. 70) that you have specified.

  • Last Sync: Indicates how long ago the user has synced their device.

  • ReadiScores: The user's hourly ReadiScore projection is shown underneath each hour of the selected shift

  • On the right hand side, you can toggle between viewing projections for individuals, or for a group average.

More details are available on hover:

  • Time to 70: Hover here to see the user's location, group, and more data on the user's current and upcoming fatigue

  • Last Sync: Hover here to see more data regarding the user's recent syncing and device utilization

6. Track Fatigue Interventions

  • To track a Fatigue Intervention that you perform as a result of the data, click on Logs on the sidebar. View more help on Fatigue Intervention Tracking

  • Coming soon: Click on any user's name to log a Fatigue Intervention directly from Today's Forecast.

7. View 14-Day Forecasts

If you have additional questions about how to use these features, don't hesitate to reach out to your Readi program manager for a training session, supported by your team at Fatigue Science.

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