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Fatigue Intervention Tracking
Fatigue Intervention Tracking

How to log an intervention and view past interventions in ReadiAnalytics

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Fatigue Intervention Tracking lets you quickly record key details of a fatigue intervention in just a few clicks, and view a table of logs that have been created.

Logging a New Fatigue Intervention

To log a new fatigue intervention, follow these 3 simple steps.

Step 1: Access Logs

  • Click Logs in the sidebar

  • Here is where you’ll find the list of Interventions made, and have the ability to create new ones.

Step 2: Select Your Target

  • Click the Add button in the top right of your screen and follow the prompts.

  • Click Intervention Target to select the name of the individual about whom you are recording an intervention. You can simply begin typing the individual's name, and all matching entries will appear.

  • Click Next to proceed.

  • (Less common) Interventions can also be recorded on entire groups or locations. For instance, you could record a sleep health seminar or program initiated for an entire group. Just type the name of the group or location and proceed.

Step 3: Select Your Intervention Type

  • Select an Intervention Type from the dropdown.

  • (Optional) Add relevant notes

  • Click Save.

Other key details about the intervention are automatically populated, such as the:

  • Timestamp of intervention

  • Timestamp of most recent modification (if any)

  • Target user's ReadiScore at the time of intervention

  • Most Recent Sync Time

  • Shift being worked at the time of intervention

  • Group(s) to which the target user has been assigned

  • Location ini which the target user has been assigned (not real-time GPS coordinates)

  • Individual logging the intervention

  • Individual modifying the intervention (if any)

The name of the Supervisor along with a timestamped record of the log and any edits are also tracked alongside the intervention.

Note: Available Intervention Types are customizable by those with Company Manager permissions via the Configure Panel.

Viewing Logged Interventions

  • Click Logs in the sidebar. You will see a table of all interventions recorded.

  • Click into any log to get more detailed information and the ability to edit (if you have the right permissions).

  • Click on any column header to sort by that column in ascending or descending order.

Improvements coming soon:

  • Search and filter intervention logs by any property in the table to easily find the ones you want.

  • Log an intervention directly from Today's Forecast. Click directly on any user's name to launch the Log Intervention dialog, saving you the step of searching for an individual's name.

If you have additional questions about how to use these features, don't hesitate to reach out to your Readi program manager for a training session, supported by your team at Fatigue Science.

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