Designed for viewing sleep data across your organization, the Web app is the part of the solution program managers become most familiar with.

What the Web app enables you to do:

  • View historic sleep data for users in your organization, as a whole or on the individual level
  • See powerful metrics that help you understand when and in what way your users are struggling to get the sleep they need
  • Understand the level of fatigue any user is experiencing and how that could be impacting their safety and performance 
  • Make informed decisions to improve on-the-job safety and athletic performance by seeing the predicted fatigue of your users throughout the day ahead

Every role type (Readiband Wearer, Location Manager, and Company Manager) can access the Web app if they're invited to activate their account. Depending on the role type and permissions, the Web app could look different for each user. 

For example, a Readiband Wearer will only see their own sleep data and won't be able to view the predictive fatigue tool. But a Company Manager can view every user's sleep data within their company, and the predictive fatigue tool.

Tools in the Web app

Whether you're looking to view detailed sleep metrics in aggregate across all of your users, or drill down into a specific user's data, Analyze is where you'll find it. 

To learn more about the metrics in Analyze, check out this overview video

Pinpoint the fatigue level across your entire organization hours before game-time or the start of a shift. 

To learn more about Predict, check out this article  

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