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Manage the success of your ReadiBand program
Manage the success of your ReadiBand program

Use the Manage tool to see key activity and usage metrics among ReadiBand program participants

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Manage helps ReadiBand program managers see how engaged their program participants are with the ReadiBands they have been provided. 

Use the Manage tool to find out:

  • how many participants are syncing their ReadiBands, and how often

  • which sites (if any) may require additional attention to encourage greater daily use of ReadiBand

  • which participants (if any) may benefit from encouragement to use the ReadiBand band and app more frequently

Manage has four tabs: Snapshot, Locations, Trends, and Individuals.
Each of these tabs surfaces usage metrics but, importantly, no part of the Manage tool surfaces any personal sleep or fatigue data.

"Snapshot" gives you a quick summary

Know how many of your users synced today or this week, and see how frequently everyone in your program is syncing their ReadiBands. 

If you’d like to view the Snapshot of a particular location, click the dropdown menu near the upper right hand. Otherwise, Snapshot will display a summary across all sites.

"Locations" lets you compare different sites

See which locations (if any) may need some extra attention in encouraging their users to stay engaged and sync their ReadiBands on a regular basis. You can also use this view to check on the success of the new site that has recently had a deployment. 

You’ll be able to compare custom date ranges using the dropdown calendar on the right.

Were program participants more or less active than they were last month? Are users syncing more of less often this week compared to last? Use the dropdown calendar to adjust the date range you want to look at.

"Individuals" surfaces and identifies participants

See a list of users in your ReadiBand program, organized by sync frequency. Identify any specific individuals who may need some encouragement to use ReadiBand more frequently.  

Note: Even though the names of users are visible, Manage doesn’t display any personal sleep or fatigue data.

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