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How to Lock and Unlock the ReadiSync Interface
How to Lock and Unlock the ReadiSync Interface
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ReadiSync is a mobile app for tablets and phones that allows authorized devices to sync passively on the Readi platform. This article discusses how to lock and unlock the ReadiSync interface in order to prevent unauthorized interactions

Locking the ReadiSync Interface

Locking the ReadiSync interface switches it to a read-only view, prohibiting users from initiating actions like pairing or unpairing devices, locating devices, initiating a manual sync, or accessing settings, while still allowing the automated syncing to occur.

To Lock the Interface:

  1. Locate the "Lock" icon at the top of the ReadiSync home screen.

  2. Tap the "Lock" icon. The icon will change from the "Unlocked" to the "Locked" state, signifying that the interface has been locked.

Unlocking the ReadiSync Interface

To Unlock the Interface:

  1. On the **ReadiSync home screen**, locate the "Lock" icon.

  2. Tap the "Lock" icon.

  3. You will be prompted to enter your ReadiSync PIN to unlock the interface.

  4. Upon successful entry, the icon will change from the "Locked" to "Unlocked" state, indicating that the interface has been unlocked.

If your Readi account has access to a PIN, it can be found in the Settings page of your personal ReadiOne app (separate from ReadiSync).

If you are unsure of your PIN and require one, please contact your Fatigue Science account manager for further assistance.

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