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Updating Firmware on ReadiSync
Updating Firmware on ReadiSync

How to update ReadiWatch firmware via ReadiSync

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Firmware is the software embedded within hardware that controls its functionalities. As with all wearable devices, the ReadiWatch benefits from firmware updates to ensure users have access to the latest features and performance optimizations.

Types of Firmware Updates

ReadiSync offers two types of firmware updates: Manual and Automatic.

To find out which type is activated for your configuration, tap on the Gear icon in the ReadiSync app to navigate to the Settings page. Here, you can observe whether firmware updates are set to Manual or Automatic. If you wish to change this setting, please contact Fatigue Science.

Manually Updating Firmware

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Open ReadiSync App: Navigate to the main device list view in the ReadiSync app on your phone or tablet.

  2. Identify Devices with Outdated Firmware: Devices that are both within range and have out-of-date firmware will have a larger red dot above the three-dots symbol at the end of the device row.

  3. Initiate Update: Tap on the three dots next to the device you wish to update. A selection of buttons will appear, one of which will be "Update".

  4. Firmware Update: Tapping "Update" will initiate the firmware update process. A spinner will appear to indicate the update is in progress.

  5. Completion: Once the firmware update is complete, the spinner will disappear, and so will the red dot above the three-dots symbol.

Important Note:

Please ensure that the device you're updating remains within range of the device running ReadiSync throughout the firmware update process. Firmware updates may take a minute or longer to complete.

By keeping ReadiWatches up-to-date, you're ensuring optimal performance. If you encounter any issues or have further questions, don't hesitate to contact Fatigue Science.

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