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Pairing and Unpairing Devices on ReadiSync
Pairing and Unpairing Devices on ReadiSync
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ReadiSync is a mobile app for tablets and phones that allows authorized devices to sync passively on the Readi platform. This article discusses how ReadiSync can be used to pair ReadiWatch devices to specific users' accounts.

Pairing Devices

Pairing a device in ReadiSync connects a ReadiWatch with a Readi user's account. This allows sleep data to be synced from that device to the Readi cloud for processing and enables both sleep data and ReadiScores to be accessed across the Readi cloud platform (e.g., ReadiSupervise and ReadiAnalytics).

To pair a ReadiWatch with a user via ReadiSync:

  1. Bring an unpaired ReadiWatch within range of the ReadiSync station.

  2. Make sure the tablet has Bluetooth turned on and that the ReadiWatch is charged and responsive when the side button is pushed. If the device is unpaired, pushing the side button should display the ReadiWatch's serial number on its screen.

  3. In ReadiSync, tap "Unpaired" to filter the list of visible users to only those without a paired device. The remaining users should all have a blue Plus icon on the side.

  4. Tap the blue Plus icon next to the user you wish to pair with the device.

  5. You will see a list of unpaired ReadiWatches within range of the ReadiSync station. Tap the ReadiWatch serial number corresponding to the device you wish to pair with that user.

  6. Confirm the pairing by tapping "Pair" on the dialog that appears.

Multiple available pairing methods:

  • Please note that while the process above describes the pairing process using ReadiSync, pairing is also possible via ReadiOne, the personal mobile application available for ReadiWatch wearers' phones.

  • Pairing via ReadiSync is ideal for situations where:

    • ReadiWatch wearers may not have a personal smartphone

    • ReadiWatch wearers may have limitations that prevent them from using ReadiOne on their own smartphone.

  • Regardless of whether a device is paired via ReadiSync or ReadiOne, the device may sync via either method assuming the appropriate account is logged in, and the device is within range.

Unpairing Devices

If necessary, you can remove the association between a ReadiWatch and a user's account:

  1. Bring the paired ReadiWatch you wish to unpair within range of the ReadiSync station.

  2. Locate the row associated with the user whose ReadiWatch you wish to unpair. If the device is within range, you will see three blue dots next to that user. Tap these dots.

  3. A row of options will appear, including the option to "Unpair". Tap this button.

  4. Confirm your intent to unpair. The device will now be unpaired, and the user will reappear with a "+" icon next to their name, replacing the previous three dots.

If you need further assistance or have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at, or contact your account manager directly.

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