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Creating Users and Pairing ReadiWatches - ReadiSync
Creating Users and Pairing ReadiWatches - ReadiSync

How to pair ReadiWatch devices via ReadiSync

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1. Create user accounts

In a web browser, sign in to to create user accounts.

Click your name in the upper right-hand corner and select Manage Users, or Manage Company then the Location you want to add users to.

If you don't invite your users to view their sleep data now, you can always do it later.

For more information on how to create, edit, enable/disable, and delete users, please follow this link.

Need to create multiple accounts?
Ask your Fatigue Science Account Manager for help, as they have the means to do this by uploading a .csv file containing lots of users.

2. Wake the ReadiWatch

ReadiWatch devices are shipped in factory sleep mode to preserve their battery. Before you can pair them with your users, you'll need to wake them.

Press and hold the side button until the screen lights up.

3. Launch the ReadiSync app

On your tablet, ensure you have the ReadiSync app installed.

Then launch ReadiSync and sign in using the same credentials as

4. Pair a ReadiWatch with a user account

At the top of your screen, tap Pair Bands to see the list of ReadiWatch.

ReadiWatch devices that are available to be paired with a user will have a Pair Band To button in their row. Tap that and follow the prompts to choose the user the band is paired to.

Note: ReadiWatch devices in factory sleep mode won't show up on this list. Make sure the ReadiWatch devices(s) you'd like to pair are awake.

Trying to pair a band that's been previously paired?
If you're not seeing this ReadiWatch on the list, it might still be paired. Here's how to unpair it.

5. Distribute each paired device to its associated user

If user has been encouraged to also sync their ReadiWatch via their smartphone, encourage the user to:

  1. Download the ReadiOne app

  2. Check their email for an invitation to login to ReadiOne.

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