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How to use ReadiSupervise Mobile
How to use ReadiSupervise Mobile

ReadiSupervise Mobile enables supervisors to view ReadiScores for on-duty crew members, directly from their phones

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ReadiSupervise Mobile provides a complete mobile workflow for shift supervisors managing fatigue in their crew. It's the same experience many have grown to rely on via ReadiSupervise on the web, now on mobile.

With ReadiSupervise Mobile, shift supervisors can:

  • View the current ReadiScore of each on-duty crew member, right from your phone

  • See today's highest fatigue risks highlighted, right at the top

  • View a projection of how long until each crew member's fatigue will reach a critical level

How to launch ReadiSupervise Mobile:

  • Upgrade ReadiOne to version 3.6.0 or higher, and open it.

  • Tap "More" on the bottom bar.

  • Tap the button that reads "Switch to ReadiSupervise"

  • (This button will only appear if your account has access. If you don't see it and are sure you have version 3.6.0 or higher of ReadiOne installed, contact your program manager).

Select your crew and shift:

  • Just like the web version of ReadiSupervise, you can select your crew and the shift you're managing, to ensure you only see data that is relevant to you.

  • To do this, just tap the Edit icon in the header, and you'll find a list of locations and shifts that have been pre-configured for you by your program manager.

  • Once you make your selection, return to the main screen, and you'll see a list of all crew members currently on duty with their current ReadiScore and a countdown to when they'll reach 70:

To see more detail on an individual, just tap them:


How to log an Intervention:

  • You can log a fatigue intervention directly from the app, just like you can on the web.

How to switch back to ReadiOne:

  • At any time, you can switch back to ReadiOne to see your own sleep and fatigue data.

  • Just tap the gear icon in the upper right, and you'll see a switch button appear:

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