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14-Day Forecast for Supervisors

Identify and plan for crew fatigue up to 14 days in advance

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Introduction to 14-Day Forecasts for Supervisors

14-Day Forecasts expand the visibility of individual ReadiScore projections beyond the current day's shift, 14 days into the future. With this advancement, proactive planning measures and proactive safety critical actions that were previously impossible are now achievable.

With 14-Day Fatigue Forecasting, supervisors and management teams can now view future fatigue hotspots showing the “who, when, and where” of workforce fatigue far enough in advance to take meaningful action to mitigate both routine and mission critical fatigue risks.

How Can Supervisors Use These Forecasts?

  • Supervisors can reach out to individuals, sharing data-backed guidance to focus on sleep on certain days and to be particularly cautious at work when those days arrive.

  • They can plan critical tasks for the times of least fatigue, choosing the right worker for the right task, at the right time.

How Are Forecasts Determined?

  • 14-Day Forecasting is built on top of the same SAFTE Model used to generate ReadiScores throughout the Readi platform, as well as the core technology of FAST®, the fatigue modeling tool that has been widely used for decades by flight schedulers, mission planners, and elite sports teams to model fatigue in schedule simulations.

  • 14-Day Forecasting uses worker schedules and individual sleep profiles to project sleep and resulting fatigue into the future on an individual level.

  • The use of automated, individualized sleep profiles represents a significant advancement over the traditional use of FAST, in which generic sleep assumptions are made instead of individualized profiles from wearable data.

  • To learn more, speak to your Readi Program manager

Accessing 14-Day Forecasts for Supervisors

Using 14-Day Forecasts

To view fatigue forecasts for your crew on today's shift, follow these steps:

1. Select "Forecast Overview"

  • In the Chart dropdown, choose "Forecast Overview". The overview chart will be familiar to users of Today's Forecast.

2. Select Your Crew

  • Select the group(s) or location(s) you are supervising from the Locations and Groups dropdown menu.

  • If Groups or Locations aren't yet configured, ask your Readi program manager for help setting this up.

3. Adjust Your Date Range (optional)

  • By default, forecasts are extended 14 days into the future, a window found generally to be the most useful and reliable for supervisors.

  • If preferred, forecasts can be extended up to 42 days, assuming a schedule is configured for your selected crew for the length of this window.

  • Because forecasts rely on a combination of historical sleep preceding today, as well as projected future sleep, forecasts will be more reliable earlier in their duration.

4. Click Submit to View Fatigue Projections

  • Once you click Submit, 14-Day Forecasts will surface projected average daily ReadiScores for users who match the specific criteria of your selection.

  • On the right hand side, you can toggle between viewing projections for individuals, or for a group average.

If you have additional questions about how to use these features, don't hesitate to reach out to your Readi program manager for a training session, supported by your team at Fatigue Science.

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