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Once in awhile, the ReadiBand may overestimate how much sleep you get. This is usually attributed to your wrist being really still before bed while you're watching TV or reading. 

If this happens, there are a few ways to correct it:

  • in the WebApp (for Company and Location Managers)

  • in Readi (for ReadiBand wearers)


Editing overestimated sleep in the WebApp

Company and Location Managers (depending on role permissions) can make quick corrections to sleep reports to fix things like:

  • an off-wrist period mistaken for sleep, or

  • a previously-corrected area that's not quite right.

As long as the data is less than 2 weeks old, given the current date and time, you can make corrections right there in the sleep Detail page. A small green icon will indicate the data that can be corrected. 

How to edit overestimated sleep

  1. Go to Analyze in the Web app 

  2. Click on the user whose sleep you want to edit

  3. Click on the Detail tab

  4. Find the green arrow icon - everything after this can be edited

  5. Click on the sleep (grey block) you want to edit

  6. Follow the prompts - answering these helps our system learn

  7. Save - corrected areas of sleep are underlined in a light red 

What if I made a mistake?
You can undo your edit. Corrected/edited areas of sleep are underlined in a light red. Find the sleep you just edited, and click it to make changes. 

What if I'm trying to edit sleep that's more than 2 weeks old?
Contact help@fatiguescience.com and we'll be happy to help.


Editing sleep in Readi

Readiband wearers can make edits to their own sleep in Readi. 

They can:

Check out those articles for more details.

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