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Creating users: Role types and permissions

Choose what data and features users can see and use

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Sometimes, you don't want your users to have access to all the sleep data and admin permissions for your whole company. 

Choosing the right role type allows you to control what data and settings are seen by your users. 

The Identifier field gives you added flexibility by hiding user's identifying details (like names and emails) but still allowing their sleep data to be viewed. 

Let’s talk about how role types and Identifier can help you tailor your privacy settings. 


The Identifier is a code of your choosing that allows you to hide the real identity of a user without hiding their sleep data. You can use an Identifier with any role type, whether the user is a Readiband Wearer or Location Manager.

Identifier is an optional field on the 'Add new user' and 'Edit user' windows (see below).

It can be any numeric or alphanumeric code. 

Identifier gives you more flexibility when choosing access permissions for the different roles in your organization.  

For example:
I want to create an account for someone that will be managing my ReadiBand program. 

I need them to be able to see all the sleep data so we can see how my users are doing with their sleep and fatigue management. 

But, for privacy reasons, I don’t want my program manager to know which person the sleep data is from.

I can use Identifier to number all of my users, so my manager only sees numbers (like 1, 2, 3, 4, and so on) for my list of users. 

That means they’ll still be able to see that users 1, 4, and 8 are getting over 8 hours of sleep but users 2 and 3 often start night shifts at a ReadiScore of 75. 

While Identifier hides the personal details of your users, role types will apply a wider set of permissions and access to an account. 


Role Types

ReadiBand Wearer

This role type is most often used for people in your organization who are wearing a ReadiBand. 

When your users create their own accounts through Readi, this is the role type they're signed up as - ReadiBand Wearers can only view their own sleep data. 

If you're adding users to the Web app manually, make sure to check the box at the bottom of the window to invite them to activate their account to allow them to view their own data.

Location Manager

Use this role type if:

  • your company has different geographic locations it operates in, and 

  • you'd like to appoint someone to manage one or more of these locations.

A Location Manager can have access to and manage several locations at once. Just select the additional locations you'd like this user to manage using the Locations dropdown.

A Location Manager is always able to sync data from ReadiBands if logged in to the Sync app. Other than that, you can remove the Manage users, View sleep data, and View ReadiScore permission. 

Just uncheck the permissions you'd like to deactivate for this user. 

Manage users

Deactivate this when you don't want this Location Manager to be able to add, edit, and delete ReadiBand Wearer accounts. 

View sleep data

Deactivate this when you don't want this Location Manager to be able to see user sleep data, export sleep data, or view aggregate sleep data.

Specifically, this permission allows:

  • Seeing the sleep quantity chart in Sleep 

  • Viewing a user's sleep charts

View ReadiScore

Deactivate this when you don't want this Location Manager to be able to see any data related to the ReadiScore, access Supervise, and export sleep data. 

Specifically, this permission allows:

  • Seeing the ReadiScore chart in Sleep 

  • Viewing any ReadiScore on Sleep

  • Viewing any ReadiScore curves on a user's sleep charts in the Detail tab

  • Accessing the Export and ReadiScore tabs in Sleep

  • Accessing Supervise

Company Manager

This user has full access to all the locations, users, and data in one or more companies they manage. 

They're able to add, edit, and delete ReadiBand Wearers and Location Managers, but not other Company Managers. Fatigue Science must invite you to become a Company Manager. 

Ready to create some user accounts? Here's a guide on that

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