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Updating firmware on ReadiBands

Update firmware in batches or one at a time, via ReadiSync

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Occasionally, Fatigue Science will release new versions of ReadiBand firmware. This means we've made key improvements and/or fixed some bugs. Using ReadiSync (the tablet based mass-syncing app), you'll be able to quickly and easily update firmware on your ReadiBands.

How will I know there's a firmware update available for a specific device?

Within ReadiSync, look for an "Update" button with a red dot next to the ReadiBand. This will indicate an update is available for that ReadiBand.

How can I initiate a ReadiBand firmware update for one or multiple devices?

  1. Ensure all devices are turned on and are within range of the tablet.

  2. Ensure your tablet running ReadiSync is connected to the internet and has Bluetooth turned on.

  3. In ReadiSync, go to the "Pair Bands" section at the top of the screen.

  4. Tap "Update" next to the band you wish to update, or tap "Update All" if you wish to update all bands at once.

  5. Follow any prompts.

  6. Each device may take up to 2 minutes to update.

  7. Confirm the updates are completed - you will no longer see the "Update" button with a red dot next to devices that have been successfully updated.

Important Things to Consider

  1. The functionality to "Update All" is recommended for small batches of updates at a time, such as 10 devices. You may attempt to perform this with larger batches at once, but your performance may vary with larger batches, and you may have to try again if unsuccessful.

If you have any questions about updating firmware or need some help, please contact

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