ReadiWatch Sensor Debugging

Steps to perform a sensor debugging will be displayed in this article.

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Debugging the sensors of your ReadiWatch

  1. Power on your ReadiWatch.

  2. Navigate to and open the Settings menu.

  3. Scroll down the list and select the About option.

  4. Scroll three times to the last page, which displays the second QR code.

  5. Tap the bottom left corner of the screen five times.

  6. Hold your device in the air by the strap for 1-2 minutes without obstructing the backside. Confirm that the highlighted values appear as follows:

    w:0, i:0, c:0

    now: 0, dif: 0-100 ideally (or low hundreds)

  7. Now, place the device on your wrist as if you were wearing it regularly to sleep for another 1-2 minutes. Confirm that the highlighted values appear as follows:

w:1, i:1, c:1

now: 1, dif: 5000-7000+

If your device does not behave as expected, perform factory reset and complete the calibration process. Then, recheck the sensor values. If issues persist, please submit a Support Request within the ReadiOne and our support team will assist you further.


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