ReadiWatch: Factory Reset

This article describes step-by-step how to factory reset a ReadiWatch device.

Written by Luis Ospina
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Warning: factory resetting a ReadiWatch will discard all data stored on the device, including unsynchronized sleep data. Please sync your ReadiWatch prior to factory resetting.

How to: Factory Reset your ReadiWatch

  1. Press the ReadiWatch's side button to turn on the device.

  2. Swipe left once, swipe up once, and select the Settings app.

  3. Swipe down twice and select the option About.

  4. Swipe down once and select the option Factory Reset.

  5. Tap the red button Reset.

  6. Follow the on-screen instruction to complete the Calibration process.

For ReadiOne Users

Once you have completed the factory reset of your ReadiWatch. On your phone, go to Bluetooth settings and unpair/forget the device FSRB6A. If you have previously connected your ReadiWatch through other mobile devices, complete this step on those devices as well.

Factory resetting a ReadiWatch device will not unpair that device from a user's Readi account. That means that the ReadiWatch is still associated with your Readi user account, however, you will have to re-establish a connection between the ReadiWatch and your mobile device. A bonded connection, in Bluetooth terms, involves the pairing and creation of a secure, authenticated relationship between two devices intended to protect your data.

  1. Open the ReadiOne application and sign in with your Readi user that has the ReadiWatch associated with it.

  2. Tap More (bottom right of the screen).

  3. Tap Settings.

  4. Tap Device.

  5. Tap on Locate band

  6. Your mobile device will request to pair with the device FSRB6A. Accept this pairing request by tapping Pair.

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