Creating Groups

How to create a Group in ReadiAnalytics or ReadiSupervise

Written by Luis Ospina
Updated over a week ago

If your crew has different groups and schedules, you are able to recreate these different groups in our system. To learn how to create these groups, add and remove users from it, please follow the instructions below.

Creating a group:

  1. Navigate to ReadiAnalytics or ReadiSupervise.

  2. Click on Configure from the left side panel.

  3. Click on Groups.

  4. Click on the + ADD GROUP button.


  5. Select the Location the Group will be associated with from the Parent Location dropdown.

  6. Enter the Group's name in the Name field.

  7. Add existing users from the selected Parent Location from the Users dropdown, or save the Group without users.

  8. Click on the Save button.

  • Don't see a Location available in the Parent Location dropdown?

    • Locations are specific to their parent Area. Try switching your Area first.

    • You might not manage the Location. Contact your Readi program manager or technical support for assistance.

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