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ReadiSupervise Mobile - Learn the Basics
ReadiSupervise Mobile - Learn the Basics

Get up and running with ReadiSupervise Mobile

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ReadiSupervise enables shift supervisors to view fatigue predictions for crew members on duty, at-a-glance, and take proactive measures to reduce fatigue risk.

With ReadiSupervise, shift supervisors can be alerted to the likelihood of critical fatigue long before it occurs, and proactively intervene on their most critical risks.

Common interventions include re-assigning safety-critical tasks to less fatigued workers, and requiring breaks for certain individuals at times where fatigue is projected to be severe. While organization's intervention protocols are unique, a general guide to interventions can be accessed here.

ReadiSupervise makes it easy to log these critical interventions in a matter of seconds, with just a few taps.

Download and Login to ReadiSupervise

  1. Go to the App Store or Google Play to download ReadiSupervise.

  2. Log in to ReadiSupervise using your Readi account email and password.

    1. If you do not know the email used by your Readi account, check your email inbox for past messages from Readi, or reach out to your program manager.

First Time Users: Getting Set Up

  1. When you log in to ReadiSupervise for the first time, you will see a screen like the one below.

  2. Tap the ⚙️ icon in the upper right to access Settings.

  3. Tap "Locations and Groups" and then select the Location or Group that you are managing, then tap the Back button.

  4. Tap "Shifts" and then select the Shift that you are managing, e.g. "Day Shift" or "Night Shift", then tap the Back button.

  5. Tap the Back button again to go back to the home view.

  6. You should now see a view populated with data, assuming there are individuals on duty at the moment, within your selected segment.

Once you are set up, you will not need to make changes via the settings menu again, unless your assigned location or shift changes.

Note: In an improvement coming soon, you will no longer have to select your shift, as it will inherit automatically from your assigned schedule. In the meanwhile, if you switch from supervising a Day Shift to supervising a Night Shift, simply tap the "Gear" icon again and change the Shift you are managing.

Understanding the Individuals Page

On the Individuals page, you will see who will face fatigue, and when, in your crew that is scheduled to be on-duty today.

The Individuals page is divided into "Flagged" and "Lower Risk" tabs, with the "Flagged" tab shown by default.

The "Flagged" tab shows a list of all on-duty* individuals who are projected to fall below a ReadiScore of 70 at any point during their shift today.

  • The list is sorted according to current ReadiScore, with the lowest ReadiScores (most fatigued individuals) at the top of the list.

  • *On-Duty is determined according to the schedule each individual has been assigned schedule in the Readi system, among those in your selected group or location.

On the "Lower risk" tab, you will see a list of all on-duty individuals who are projected to remain above a ReadiScore of 70 during the entirety of their shift today.

The diagram below illustrates what each item on this page means:

Understanding the Hotspots Tab

Tap the Hotspots tab on the bottom to get a "birds' eye view" of fatigue, hour-by-hour, for your crew overall crew on the current shift.

In this view, you will see a headline indicating whether overall fatigue levels are "higher than usual", "lower than usual", or about the same as a typical shift at that time.

Below that, you'll see an hour-by-hour "agenda" view that illustrates average fatigue levels for your crew during the selected shift.

  • These averages are based on the available ReadiScore data for each individual who is on duty in your selected shift, within your selected location and group.

  • Please note that while average fatigue levels across your whole crew may be low or moderate during certain periods, it is possible that some individuals may still be highly fatigued at those times.

  • For this reason, we provide small text under each block where one or more person is at high fatigue. For instance, in the example below, 2 individuals are projected to have high fatigue in the "Moderate" time window between 8:15 PM and 10:25 PM.

As a reminder, to see names of individuals who are either currently facing high fatigue, or who are projected to face high fatigue at any point during the shift, simply tab the "Individuals" tab at the bottom of the screen.

Logging Interventions

To see more detail on any individual's fatigue and to log an intervention, tap on the individual's row on the Individuals page. You will be taken to the Individual Detail page, as shown below:

Here, you can see relevant details about the individual you have tapped, including:

  • the time of the most recent previous intervention

  • the last sync time

  • a summary of syncing over the past 7 days

  • the amount of time remaining until the user will reach a ReadiScore of 70

  • an hour-by-hour view of the individual's projected ReadiScores

To log an intervention, simply tap "Log Intervention" and you will see the Log Intervention page, as shown below:

Here, all of the individual's relevant metadata will be entered into the intervention log automatically, including:

  • ReadiScore at time of intervention

  • Assigned location

  • Assigned group (if any)

  • Recent sync stats

  • Date and time of intervention

Optionally, you can adjust the date and/or time of the intervention by tapping the respective icons next to date and/or time. When you change the date/time of an intervention, the ReadiScore that the individual had at that time will be saved with the intervention log.

To proceed with saving your intervention log, you must first select an intervention Type, a required field. Available Types are determined by your organization and typically include options such as "Require Break" or "Task Rotation". You can optionally also add notes to the field.

When Type is populated, the SAVE button will become enabled in the upper right corner. Tap this button to save the intervention log.

You will see a blue "Intervened" tag below the individual's name on the Individuals Page, confirming the intervention has been saved:

Working While Offline

ReadiSupervise supports offline access.

To enable offline access, first launch ReadiSupervise while you have internet connectivity, to allow for all the projected ReadiScores of users within your selected location/group/shift to be downloaded.

  • For instance, you may have internet connectivity at the start of your shift, before you go out into part of a work site that lacks connectivity. This is a good time to open ReadiSupervise. It will automatically download ReadiScores for your whole crew nearly instantly.

  • You will know you have downloaded data successfully when you see ReadiScores in the Individuals page.

Once you have downloaded ReadiScore data, you can travel offline and continue to view the projected ReadiScores of each individual on your crew for the current shift. -

  • As time progresses, the "Live ReadiScore" field in the Individuals Page will update to reflect the downloaded ReadiScores associated with that moment in time.

Since ReadiScores are predictive data, they do not require constant connectivity in order to be viewed.

  • Of course, if an individual takes an action (such as a sleep) that will changes their ReadiScore, this change cannot be reflected on your local device unless your device re-gains connectivity.

  • However, such instances are rare in the middle of a shift, and moreover, even if naps do occur, they typically only have a marginal impact (1 to 2 points) on the individual's ReadiScores.

  • Therefore, you can be confident that the ReadiScores are broadly reliable even when viewing them while offline.

At the moment, ReadiSupervise does not yet support offline intervention logging, but this is coming soon.

Coming Soon

Below are a list of features coming soon to ReadiSupervise:

  • Offline Intervention Logging: Log an intervention while in offline mode, and then have the intervention automatically uploaded when your device regains connectivity.

  • Automated Shift Selection: Based on your own assigned schedule, you will no longer have to select a shift (e.g. "Night Shift") when it differs from the shift you last managed (e.g. "Day Shift").

  • Notifications Configurations: Toggle on and off Supervisor Fatigue Alerts directly from your mobile device, instead of having to configure via web.

Have a good feature idea? Share it with us directly at We'd love to hear it!

Need More Help?

For more help, please reach out at or contact your organization's Readi program manager directly.

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