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How to compare two or more scenarios in "Simulate"

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Before comparing scenarios, make sure you have created at least two scenarios. (To learn how to create a scenario, read this article)

The Compare tool will show you the aggregated data for the shifts present in each scenario and show them side by side for comparison.

How to compare Scenarios:

  1. Log into Readi

  2. Navigate to ReadiAnalytics

  3. Select Compare from the Simulate menu in the sidebar at the left of the page.

  4. Click the Scenario Dropdown and select the Scenarios you want to compare

  5. Select which shifts you wish to compare

  6. Please note that the dates will be pre-filled out for you once you choose the scenarios. SIDE NOTE: if the scenarios you are running have different Start and End dates, the Start date added will always be from the scenario with the earliest start date and the end date will the from the scenario with the latest end date

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