You can check a specific user's ReadiScore in the past using our Intervention tool.

How to check:

  1. Log into Readi

  2. Navigate to ReadiAnalytics or ReadiSupervise

  3. Select Interventions from the Logs menu in the sidebar at the left of the page and click the + ADD button in the top right of your screen:

  4. Search for the user you want to check the ReadiScore for and select a date and time in the past you want to see:

  5. A prompt will open with the user's information, including their ReadiScore for that time and date in the past. You can also check their Location, Groups, Shift, and Last Sync date:

  6. Select the type of intervention you wish to log and add the details in the Notes area. Save and this user's ReadiScore will be logged in the interventions page.

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