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Creating Shift Plans

How to create Shift Plans on ReadiAnalytics or ReadiSupervise

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Shift Plans are primarily categorized as set of shifts where employees work for a few weeks, or up to a month, rotating between day shifts, night shifts and days off. In Readi, you can create a shift plan aligning to your company's schedule by following the steps below.

Before following the guide below on how to create Shift Plans, please create the Shifts (e.g. Day Shift, 7am-7pm) needed to populate the Shift Plan (Day Shift, Afternoon Shift, Night Shift, etc). (To learn how to create shifts, read this article).

How to Create a Shift Plan:

  1. Log into Readi

  2. Navigate to ReadiAnalytics or ReadiSupervise

  3. Select Shifts Plans from the Configure menu at the bottom left corner of the sidebar and click the blue button at the top that says + ADD SHIFT PLAN:

  4. Follow the prompts to enter the Name of the Shift Plan, the Plan Type, and the Settings for the plan.

  5. There are two options for Plan Type:

    1. Shift Pattern allows you to set up streaks of shifts on consecutive days. In the example below, we've set up a pattern of 5 Day Shifts followed by 4 Off Days, 5 Night Shifts and 4 Off Days. This pattern will repeat according to the dates set up in the next step: Creating a Schedule.

      1. Naming Conventions: As you can see on the image above, the name of this Shift Plan follows the streak pattern 5D-4o-5N-4o and that is done intentionally for better visualization when you have multiple shift plans as well as for utilization on different areas of our system (e.g., Creating Schedules, Creating Scenarios).

    2. Days Of Week is used when workers have a set weekly schedule working the same shift, most commonly used for administrative roles. You can select the days of the week your workers will work and the shift they are assigned to.

      1. Naming Conventions: Similar to the previous example, the name follows the Shift Plan logic Mon-Fri Day Workers.

  6. Click Save at the bottom of the dialog and a message is generated at the top of the pane to confirm that your Shift Plan has been saved successfully.

How to Delete a Shift Plan:

  1. Log into Readi.

  2. Navigate to ReadiAnalytics or ReadiSupervise

  3. Select Shifts Plan from the Configure menu at the bottom left corner of the sidebar and select the shift plan you want to delete.

  4. Click Delete on the prompt and confirm the action:

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