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Estimated ReadiScores for Users Missing Data
Estimated ReadiScores for Users Missing Data

ReadiSupervise now provides estimated ReadiScores for users who would otherwise lack a ReadiScore due to missing sleep data

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One of the most common requests we have received from users of ReadiSupervise is for crew members to be display with estimated ReadiScores in the event that they have recently forgotten to track their sleep.

With the new feature Estimated ReadiScores, this is now possible!

Now, all users will receive ReadiScores in the ReadiSupervise interface, even if they have recently forgotten to track their sleep. Those users whose ReadiScores have been estimated will have an "estimation indicator" appear beside their name.

Figure A: Users Doug Shropshire and Cristobal Daves have estimated ReadiScores.

How ReadiScore Estimations are Calculated

ReadiSupervise uses advanced algorithms to fill in the gaps in the past 3 days where a user's actual sleep data is missing.

To do this, ReadiSupervise uses data regarding an individual's work schedule and their personal sleep profile.

Data Privacy Note: As is always the case, a user's actual sleep data are never revealed within ReadiSupervise. A supervisor may see an individual's estimated data, but ReadiSupervise will never display sleep information that a user recorded via their sleep tracker.

Estimating a Missed Sleep:

ReadiSupervise's estimation algorithm begins by considering the periods of available sleep opportunity that are afforded by an individual's work schedule. If there is a period in which sleep was expected, but not recorded, the algorithm attempts to determine the most probable quantity, quality, and timing of sleep that that individual would have received.

For example, consider the following scenario:

  • It is currently is March 3, at 8:00am.

  • John Smith has been on a Day Shift since 7:00am.

  • Yesterday on March 2, John Smith's previous shift ended at 7:00pm.

  • John Smith slept last night some time after his shift ended, but he forgot to track it with his sleep tracker.

  • ReadiSupervise will consider the period between John's shifts, alongside an array of personalized factors such as John's typical sleep quantity, quality, and timing in periods similar to this one.

  • ReadiSupervise will then make a personalized estimated sleep for that period, which will be unique to John.

Generating an Estimated ReadiScore

  • Once there is enough real or estimated sleep data from at least the past 3 days, ReadiSupervise will generate a personalized ReadiScore for each user and display it in ReadiSupervise.

Viewing Results in ReadiSupervise

In ReadiSupervise, users with estimated ReadiScores will have an "estimation indicator" displayed alongside their name, to make it easy for supervisors to distinguish estimated ReadiScores from ones based solely on recorded sleep data.

Reading the Estimation Indicator

  • The "estimation indicator" is comprised of three circles, which represent the three most recent days of sleep opportunity, as shown below.

  • An empty circle (outlined, unfilled) indicates that a sleep was missing on that day, and an estimation was made in its place.

  • A filled circle indicates that a sleep was recorded as normal on that day.

Figure B: the Estimation Indicator

  • Users who have not missed any sleep recordings in the past 3 days will not have any circles next to their name.

    Figure C: Fernando Mackenzie has not missed any sleep recordings

Filtering Your Results to Show or Hide Estimated ReadiScores

As a supervisor, in some cases you may wish to see only data for users who have ReadiScores that are fully based on real, recorded sleep data.

In other cases, perhaps you wish to see only the users whose scores are estimated.

While the default view is to show all users together (those with real and those with estimated ReadiScores), you can easily filter to see the results you'd like.

Just click the "Filter" button in the upper right of the data pane, to adjust your selection, as shown below:

Figure D: Filtering users with or without sleep data

Seeing Estimated Sleeps and Over-Riding Estimates

While all actual recorded sleeps remain private within ReadiSupervise, the tool offers supervisors the ability to understand what estimations have been made where actual sleep data is missing. This helps supervisors gain confidence in an Estimated ReadiScore while maintaining the privacy of actual personal sleep data.

To understand greater detail, simply click on the Estimation Indicator (three circles) next to any user's name. From here, a box will appear with more information:

Figure E: ReadiSupervise estimated that Graig slept from 11:45PM to 6:50AM

In this interface, a supervisor is also presented with two options for overriding the automatic estimate of sleep:

  • The supervisor can click "Edit" below the sleep to adjust the estimate directly.

  • The supervisor can click "Prompt user to enter missing sleep", which will send the user a push notification asking that a user estimate their own sleep via ReadiOne:

    Figure F: A user receives a push notification sent by their supervisor.

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