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Supervisor Fatigue Alerts
Supervisor Fatigue Alerts

How to receive Fatigue Alerts regarding crew members, for supervisors using ReadiSupervise

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Supervisor Fatigue Alerts:

With Supervisor Fatigue Alerts, you can receive Fatigue Alerts for on-duty crew members, via push notification right on your mobile device.

Supervisor Alerts Overview

What do Supervisor Fatigue Alerts do?

  • Supervisor Fatigue Alerts let you know when a member of your crew is within 1 hour of becoming critically fatigued, as defined by a ReadiScore of 70.

  • Alerts will be delivered to your phone running ReadiOne, as shown below:

When will these alerts be sent?

  • Supervisor Fatigue Alerts are designed only to be sent within work hours of a Shift that you subscribe to in the configuration process (+/- 1 hour), and for groups of users that you select.

  • For example, let's say you are managing the Day Shift for the group Crew A. Assume for now that a Day Shift is configured as 7:00am-7:00pm.

  • If John Connor is on Crew A, then you (and he) would be eligible to receive Fatigue Alerts during work hours, +/- 1 hour, or 6:00am-8:00pm.

  • If John Connor is projected to reach a ReadiScore of 70 at 3:00pm, for instance, both you and he will receive an alert.

  • If John Connor is projected to reach a ReadiScore of 70 at 2:00am, no alerts will be sent, to you or to John, as that is outside of the configured hours.

Setting Up Alerts

How can I subscribe to these alerts for a set of users I'm managing?

  • Configuration only takes a few seconds.

  • To get started, simply click "Configure" at the bottom of the sidebar while in ReadiSupervise or ReadiAnalytics.

  • From there, click the "Subscriptions" tab in the top right of the pane.

  • Then click "+ Add Subscription" as shown below.

  • Next, complete the dialog with your choice of:

    • Segment: the group or location that contains the users for whom you'd like to receive Fatigue Alerts

    • Shift: the shift, such as Day Shift or Night Shift, for which you'd like to receive Fatigue Alerts for users in the selected Segment who are working that shift on a given day

    • Expiry: the date at which you'd like these alerts no longer be delivered (for instance, if you are not managing a crew or shift after a certain date)

  • Finally, click "Subscribe" and your subscription will be saved in the resulting list.

Managing Your Subscriptions

  • You can add more subscriptions (such as for another group or shift) by repeating the process above.

  • Click on a subscription as it is shown in the list to edit or delete it at any time.

Quick Access Tip:

  • If you are already viewing your crew within the Today tab, there is an even easier way to subscribe to alerts for that crew. Simply click the Bell Icon on the page, and the same dialog box will appear, pre-loaded with your current selection.

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