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Switching between products (ReadiAnalytics, ReadiSupervise, ReadiManage, and ReadiSleep)
Switching between products (ReadiAnalytics, ReadiSupervise, ReadiManage, and ReadiSleep)

How to navigate between ReadiAnalytics, ReadiSupervise, ReadiManage, and ReadiSleep

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If you are a Location Manager or Company Manager on the Readi platform, you may have access to several of our enterprise products, including potentially:

  • ReadiAnalytics

  • ReadiSupervise

  • ReadiManage

  • ReadiSleep

How can you switch between products?

  • Navigation is different for our newer products (ReadiAnalytics and ReadiSupervise) versus our older products (ReadiManage and ReadiSleep). See below for specific instructions based on the product you are using.

If you are currently viewing ReadiAnalytics or ReadiSupervise:

  • Switch to any of our 4 products using the Readi App Switcher in the upper right. Just click the grid icon as shown below to access each product:

If you are currently viewing ReadiSleep or ReadiManage:

  • Switch to any of our 4 products using the links in the legacy header bar:

    • Click on ANALYTICS to go to ReadiAnalytics

    • Click on SUPERVISE to go to ReadiSupervise

    • Click on MANAGE to go to ReadiManage

  • Note: Clicking on SUPERVISE on the legacy header bar will take you to the old version of ReadiSupervise, but a banner will now appear with a link that takes you to the new ReadiSupervise.

How can I access the tools for user administration?

  • The Manage Locations dashboard allows you to perform actions such as creating/editing users, moving users between locations, etc.

  • To access this dashboard, launch ReadiSleep and click on your name in the top right corner.

Direct Access URLs

The following URLs can be used for direct access to each product below (you must have permission to use each product for the link to work):

You may wish to bookmark these links for ease of access.

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