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Readiband 3: How do I read my sleep reports?
Readiband 3: How do I read my sleep reports?
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If you're using our Predictive Fatigue Monitoring Solution and the Bluetooth-enabled Readiband 4, go here for all the latest help articles.  

This article will guide you through how to read and understand your sleep data. We've also included a video to help guide you through the process of understanding what sleep reports are all about.

 When you access your dashboard, the first page you'll land on is the Summary tab. On this page, you'll be able to view several key pieces of information about your sleep like averages, latency, wake episodes, variances, and more.
 Average Effectiveness and Mental Effectiveness Scores
 In the Summary tab near the top of the page, you'll be able to view the Average Effectiveness graph. This charts your mental effectiveness score in relation to those in your group, team, or company. The dotted line represents the average mental effectiveness of your peers, and the green and red line represents your mental effectiveness. When your mental effectiveness dips below the optimal range, the line becomes red.

 The mental effectiveness score is the same one that you can view, in real time, on your Fatigue Science Readiband. This score gives you insight into your reaction time and mental fatigue level. The lower the score, the more delayed your reaction is and the more at risk you are for fatigue-related accidents.
 In the Effectiveness Zones tab, you'll be able to view a mental effectiveness table like the one below:

 This table provides insight into what the various mental effectiveness scores mean in terms of a commonly used assessment, blood alcohol content, as well as the percentage by which your reaction time is slowed by.
 Sleep science studies have revealed that a mental effectiveness score of 70% or below due to poor sleep is equivalent to a blood-alcohol content (BAC) of 0.08, and is associated with a higher accident risk.
 Sleep Data Summary Table
 In the Summary tab, there is a table below your Average Effectiveness graph that allows you to view important sleep data as averages and compare across days.

 If you'd like to know more about what the headings mean, simply hover over the headings with your mouse.
 Detailed Sleep Reports
 By clicking on the Detail tab near the top of the page, you'll access your detailed sleep reports. Here you can view your sleep data, day-by-day.
 Each one of these graphs is a 24-hour period, from midnight to midnight. The pale blue color represents the time spent sleeping and the beige represents time spent awake. The black vertical bars on each graph represent activity or movement over time. This is also known and actigraphy. The red line on each graph shows you your mental effectiveness score, minute-by-minute. You can hover over the red line to see the specific score at a specific time.

 On the top of the graph you can see the onset time, wake time, and time spent asleep. This information will be displayed above the day in which the user fell asleep. In the example above, on Sunday April 26th 2015, the user went to bed at 10:50pm and woke up at 8:39am the next morning, for a total of 8 hours 40 minutes of sleep. The time asleep will take into account any wake periods during sleep and disregard them. This allows for a more accurate understanding of how much time the user was sleeping during the 24-hour period.
 To the right of each graph, a confidence score is displayed.

 The Fatigue Science Readiband takes into account how many hours it is being worn during this 24-hour period which is then used to generate a confidence score. This confidence score ranges from 1 to 5, and provides insight into how reliable and accurate the data for this particular day is. A confidence score of 5 means the data, such as mental effectiveness, is highly reliable and accurate.
 It is always recommended to wear your Readiband consistently and limit off-wrist time to no more than a few minutes. The Readiband is waterproof and extremely durable allowing you to wear it during showers and a wide range of rigorous activities.

Viewing your sleep reports is a great way to gain insight into how well you're sleeping. The information provided in the sleep reports can be used to help you optimize your performance, sleep habits, and well-being.

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