Readiband 3: Non-responsive Readiband
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When the Readiband’s battery level is critically low, it'll go into protection mode. This mode is designed to preserve the settings and the data recorded on the Readiband.
In protection mode, the band will stop recording new data, disable the display, and won't respond to any buttons. The Readiband won't charge even when placed on the charger, until you disable protection mode.

Disable protection mode

Step 1
First, clip the Readiband on the charger for about 10 to 30 seconds.
Step 2
Remove the Readiband then Press the centre button once, the Readiband’s LED display will be fully activated and scroll a “DEVICE READY” message, which indicates that the device has now been reactivated.
Step 3
Now place the Readiband back on the charger to charge the battery. When it’s being charged correctly, you will notice a green light blinking on the pod face; the green light will become solid when the battery is fully charged.

The following video provides more details:

Note: In step 1, the exact number of seconds that the Readiband needs to be placed on the charger varies depending on how long it has been hibernating in this low battery mode. If the Readiband has not been used for a long time (e.g. a few months), it can take up to 45 seconds or even 60 seconds to successfully re-activate the Readiband. If these steps do not work, start over the process.

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