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The ANT dongle, connected into a USB port, is used to communicate with and transfer data from the Readiband. Under most of circumstances, the ANT driver can be automatically installed with Windows Update:
 Step 1
 Insert the ANT USB dongle to one of your computer's USB ports. The Taskbar Notification Area will show a message.

 In the Device Manager, the ANT USB dongle will be recognized as ANT USB-m Stick.

 Step 2
 Windows will automatically search for and install the driver. When the driver is installed, you'll see the following message:

 In the Device Manager, the ANT will be listed under libusb-win32 devices as ANT USB-m.

If the driver isn't installed automatically...

you may receive this message:

 Step 1
 Click the balloon message to bring up this dialog window:

 Step 2
 Click Change setting...
 It will ask you "Do you want Windows to download driver software and realistic icon for your devices?"
 Choose button "Yes, do this automatically (recommended)". Then click Save Changes to continue.

 Windows will search online the driver for the ANT USB dongle:

 If it downloaded and installed the driver successfully, your ANT USB dongle is ready to use:

 If you are still unable to install the driver successfully, please refer to "Manually install the ANT driver" article.

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