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In order to initialize your Readiband, please make sure your Readiband is charged and has at least 70% battery.
 Step 1
 Insert the ANT USB dongle into a USB port on your computer.
 Step 2
 Launch Readiband Sync.
 Step 3
 Select Initialize on the left side of the Readiband Sync window.

 Step 4
 In the Identification section, enter the wearer's name and the email.
 Step 5
 In the Time Set section, leave the Update Time box checked, and enter the time zone number relative to the UTC (Coordinated Universal Time).

  • If you're located in Sydney, NSW, Australia, the time zone should be set to 10

  • If you're located in Seattle, WA, United States, the time zone should be set to -8

 Step 6
 In the Start Control section, select your start option. This determines when the Readiband will start recording data. You can choose from an immediate start, a delayed start, or to set a specific time to start.
 Step 7
 In the Return Reminder section, you can enable the Reminder feature by ticking off the Enable field and inserting a message for the user. Leave the Update Readiband Firmware box unchecked.

 Step 8
 Select Initialize in the lower corner of the window, and immediately press and hold the centre button on the Readiband. Make sure that the band is close to the ANT dongle.

 Step 9
 Keep holding down the centre button on the Readiband. The display on your Readiband will show arrows going across it. Once these arrows disappear and a red progress bar appears, you can let go of the centre button.
 Step 10
 Readiband Sync should display text saying initialization was successful.

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