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Under certain circumstances, Windows Update is unable to install the ANT driver automatically. If this is the case, you can manually install it by following the steps below:
 Step 1
 Make sure the ANT USB dongle is unplugged. Then, download the right zip files by selecting the picture below.
 For ANT USB 2 and ANT-m USB:

 Step 2
 Extract the content of the zip file into a folder.
 Step 3
 Plug in the ANT USB dongle.
 Step 4
 Open Device Manager in Control Panel, highlight ANT USB-m Stick under Other devices

 Step 5
 Right click and choose Update Driver Software... from the context menu
 Step 6
 Select Browse my computer for driver software, locate the folder where you extracted the driver files earlier. Click Next, the driver will be correctly installed.

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