Supervise allows you to get a bird's eye view of fatigue in your workforce right now, and throughout the day.

Using filters, you can tailor its predictive view to your company's fatigue management policies. Supervise empowers you to plan, intervene, and reduce workplace risk by predicting the time an employee will be at an elevated risk for fatigue-related accident.

What does Supervise do?

  • Allows you to tailor the predictive view to your company's fatigue management policies by setting the ReadiScore threshold, and a particular Work Period

  • Empowers you to understand fatigue in your workforce at a glance through its wide colour range and Filter by Group function

  • Highlights the time until an employee hits your selected ReadiScore score threshold

Using the "Intervention Threshold" dropdown menu, you can select the threshold of your choice then sort to see your most or least fatigued employees right away. Numbered blocks only appear for scores below your selected threshold. To add more specificity, you can focus the timeline on a specific shift's hours by adding Work Periods. 

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