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What is the ReadiBand?
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The ReadiBand is a wrist-worn device that's used to measure sleep.

It contains an accelerometer that records your wrist movement. Known as actigraphy, this wrist movement data is used to estimate when you fall asleep and when you wake. For example, if our algorithms detect little movement over a period of time, that period will be recorded as sleep.

Actigraphy is a common and practical method for measuring sleep. And, while proven to be accurate, it’s imperfect. In fact, a clinical comparison of ReadiBand sleep detection versus that from a sleep lab indicated that the ReadiBand has an accuracy rate of 92%. However, since it’s hard to differentiate lying quietly in bed from lying in bed asleep, the algorithm may occasionally overestimate your sleep time.

Meet the ReadiBand 5

Sleep data is captured off the ReadiBand by Readi or the iPad Sync app

Once the data is synced, it'll be available to view on the Web app. That's where you'll be able to view detailed sleep metrics and data

If you've invited your wearers to view their sleep data, they'll be able to do that in Readi. Here's an article from our wearer Help Centre describing what your users will see. 


Water resistance

The ReadiBand is splash, water and dust resistant and has an IP68 rating based on laboratory controlled conditions of submersion in fresh water up to 1.0m (3.28’) for 30 minutes.

Suitable for

  • Splashes

  • Rain and snow

  • Accidental submersion

Unsuitable for

  • Swimming

  • Showering

  • Hot tubs and steam rooms

  • Diving, snorkeling and scuba diving

  • High-speed water sports

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