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Using sleep data to manage fatigue
When are sleep metrics considered normal, fair, or poor?
When are sleep metrics considered normal, fair, or poor?
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Each metric in Sleep has a range that's considered:

  • optimal or normal (green),

  • fair (orange), and

  • poor (red)

The thresholds for each differ from metric to metric. We'll go over some of these thresholds below.

TIP! If you're using Sleep and need a quick reminder, hover your cursor over the name of the metric. 

Normal, Fair, and Poor thresholds

Sleep quantity

Green: 7h+
Orange: 6 to 6.9h
Red: Less than 6h

Awakenings per hour

Green: 0 to 0.37
Orange: 0.38 to 0.67
Red: 0.68+

Wake after sleep onset

Green: 0 to 20 min
Orange: 21 to 40 min
Red: 41+ min

Sleep latency

Green: 0 to 30 mins
Orange: 31 to 50 mins
Red: 51+ mins

Wake episodes

Green: 0 to 7
Orange: 8 to 9
Red: 9+

Sleep efficiency

Green: 85 to 100%
Orange: 75 to 84%
Red: 0 to 74%

Sleep onset

Green: 10pm to 12am
Orange: 8pm to 10pm or 12am to 2am
Red: Earlier than 8pm or later than 2am

Wake time

Green: 6am to 8am
Orange: 4am to 6am or 8am to 10am
Red: Earlier than 4am or later than 10am

Onset variance and Wake variance

Green: 0 to 30 mins
Orange: 30 to 90 mins
Red: 91+ mins


Team platform
Green: 90+
Orange: 80 to 90
Red: Less than 80
Industry platform
Dark green: 90+
Light green: 80 to 89
Orange: 70 to 79
Red: Less than 70

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