We can infer quality based on the frequency and length of estimated awakenings. The more awakenings, and the more sleep lost to such awakenings, the more disruptive and less restorative your sleep is likely to be.

Using both awakenings per hour of sleep, and the number of minutes lost to awakenings, we calculate a quality indicator on a 1-10 scale based on the following norms:

Estimated awakenings per hour

Good: < 0.37
Ok: 0.38 - 0.67
May indicate poor sleep quality: > 0.68

Estimated time awake (minutes awake between your sleep onset and wake times)

Normal: < 20min
Ok: 21 - 40min
May indicate poor sleep quality: > 41min

What does poor, Ok, or good quality sleep look like?

Poor (4/10)

Ok (6/10)


Good (9/10)



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