When you enable Smart Time Zone on your Readiband app, any time zones you cross while wearing your Readiband will be factored into your Alertness / Effectiveness Score, making your estimated Score more accurate.

Smart Time Zone is an optional feature that can be enabled by tapping the Readiband icon on the top right corner of the main screen, then, on the Account screen, tap the Smart Time Zone toggle to turn it on.

How it works

Travelling can affect the accuracy of your Score, due to differences in sunrise and sunset times across the globe. The greater the distance travelled from home, the greater the potential impact on your Score. 

When your Readiband app captures new data from your Readiband, it will now consider your time zone when you travel. The last known time zone for a given day will be applied to your Score on that day.

Be sure to open your Readiband app at every new destination, so that it can capture new sleep data and any new time zone information. Please note, Readiband app obtains data from your Readiband, at most, once every four hours.

Note on privacy

Your location, obtained only when you opt-in to Smart Time Zone, is used only to determine your time zone and to provide you a more accurate Score during your time away from home. Smart Time Zone won't share your location with your employer/organization or any 3rd parties. 

Smart Time Zone indicator in the Fatigue Science Web app

On your sleep report in the Fatigue Science Web app, a Smart Time Zone indicator will be displayed on days when a different time zone from your usual time zone is used to calculate your Score. The number of time zones away from your usual time zone is visible, as are your sleep and wake times in the travel time zone.

Note to managers involved in setting up locations in the Fatigue Science Web app

To ensure Smart Time Zone recognizes periods of travel as intended, ensure the Web app location details are completed. Specifically, include both a city and state/province/territory detail, where applicable, to improve Smart Time Zone accuracy in timezones that cover large geographic areas and where there may be more than one city by the same name in the same time zone. 

To recap, the Smart Time Zone indicator in Web app will function as designed if the following conditions are met:

  1. Readiband Wearers have opted-in to Smart Time Zone in Readiband app
  2. Readiband Wearers have travelled outside of their home timezone and sync their Readibands while travelling
  3. The location in Web app where Readiband Wearers are managed includes location details such as both a city and state/province/territory, where applicable.

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