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Readiband 4: Updating firmware on Readibands
Readiband 4: Updating firmware on Readibands
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This article is for the Readiband 4 (released 2015-2016)

Doesn't look like the Readiband you have? 


Occasionally, Fatigue Science will release new versions of Readiband firmware. This means we've made key improvements and/or fixed some bugs. Using your Sync app, you'll be able to quickly and easily update firmware on your Readibands.

How will I know there's a firmware update available?

The Sync app will let you know in two ways:

  1. The info icon ( i ) next to the Readiband's serial number will turn red, and

  2. A red dot will appear on the Actions button for the wearer.

Any bands that are up-to-date will not have a red icon, or a red dot on the Actions button for their band.
If you're in the Web app, you’ll notice the serial numbers for your user's bands will be red if their firmware isn't up to date.

How do I update firmware?

First, make sure the user's band is close-by and that the iPad is connected to Wi-Fi. 

Now you can start updating. Tap the Actions button and then select Update. When prompted, tap Update again to confirm.

Please keep the Readiband near the iPad until the process is confirmed complete. This may take up to two minutes.

After the update, confirm the Readiband is fully updated by checking:

  1. The info icon: this should no longer be red, and 

  2. The Actions button: the red dot should have disappeared

If you have any questions about updating firmware or need some help, please contact

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