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Deploy ReadiBands Fatigue Science has paired to user accounts
Deploy ReadiBands Fatigue Science has paired to user accounts
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Use this deployment method when: 

  • you've provided a list of users to a Fatigue Science contact prior to deployment,

  • and your users won't have reliable internet access.

What you'll need to get started

1. Wake the ReadiBand

ReadiBands are shipped in factory sleep mode to preserve their battery. Bands in sleep mode won't record sleep data, so make sure to wake it before handing the band to your user. 

Remove the pod from strap to expose USB connector
Firmly bend the strap away from the pod. Don't worry, they're durable. 

Plug the pod into any USB port (e.g. on a computer or phone charger) for a few seconds to wake
The pod can be plugged in screenside up or down. Try inserting it both ways, doing so squarely and all the way.  

Swipe to confirm it's awake
The screen should turn on briefly when you swipe down on the pod. 

If the screen doesn't turn on

  • ensure it's inserted squarely, and all the way into the USB port

  • try plugging it in the other way around, as it's possible it may have been inserted wrong side up for your USB connector

Place the pod into a strap

 The band will start recording sleep data as soon as you wake it from sleep mode, so give it to the user shortly after waking.

2. Hand the ReadiBand to its intended user

Each ReadiBand will be labelled with the user's name. Include one of the inserts to orient the user around this device. 

3. Contact us when all your bands are handed out

Let your Fatigue Science contact know once all the bands have been handed to your users. We’ll trigger an email to your users guiding them to set up their account and Readi.
Now that you've deployed your ReadiBands, you're ready to start capturing data.

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