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Have users create their own accounts
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Use this deployment method when:

  • your users have recent iPhone or Android devices with reliable internet access, 

  • and you want your users to have access to their sleep data

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What you'll need to get started


Hand out a ReadiBand and insert to each user

Each user will set up their own account once they receive a ReadiBand and insert to orient them around the device, guide them through the account set up steps, and provide the organization code they’ll need to get started.

TIP: The organization code is a six-letter code used to
associate a new user account with your company.
Each user will need one to get started. 

How your users will set up their own accounts

The participant insert you provide your users will guide them through the set up of their account and provide the organization code they’ll need to get started.

Once they’ve downloaded Readi (step two on their participant insert), the app take your users through a detailed step-by-step process on:

  • setting up a Fatigue Science account under your company (using the organization code on the insert provided),

  • waking their ReadiBand from factory sleep mode,

  • pairing their ReadiBand with their account using Readi,

  • and how to use Readi to capture and view their personal sleep data.

 After they’ve set up their account, your users will start receiving an email series introducing them to:

  • the technology they’re using (ReadiBand and Readi),

  • the analytics and metrics they’ll see on their personal sleep data,

  • and the importance of managing and reducing fatigue.

 Once your users are set up, they'll start capturing data from their ReadiBands. Learn more about that here

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