The Readiband is a wrist-worn device that's used to measure sleep.

Based on wrist movement, the Readiband estimates when, how much and how
well you sleep. When new sleep information is detected, a score is calculated representing your fatigue, or the influence sleep has on your judgment, alertness and reaction time. 

This score is known as an Alertness or Effectiveness Score.

Meet the Readiband 5

When the band is in range of a wearer's Readiband app or an iPad Sync app, the wrist-movement data is sent wirelessly to the Web app. This is where our algorithms and SAFTE model process this data to give you the metrics found in the Web app


Charging the Readiband 5

Remove the Readiband pod from the strap as shown. Plug it directly into a USB port to charge.  When plugged in properly, the pod will vibrate and the display will illuminate for 6 seconds. 

It will take up to 90 minutes to fully charge a Readiband.

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