Bands that are paired are active and recording data. It's important that they're handed out and worn by the intended user shortly after pairing. 

When you're ready to pair, start by waking the band from factory sleep mode by plugging it into a USB port until the light flashes red then green. Now you'll be able to find this band with the Sync app. 

Log into the Sync app using the same credentials as you do for The Sync app will list all the users associated with your company. 

After you tap Pair band, you'll be asked to select an Extra-Large or Regular length band for the user. 

The band will flash green to confirm it's paired. Now you can write the user's name on one of the Readiband info booklets, and attach it to the band or just set them both aside. These booklets are helpful for orienting your users around what the band is, how it works, and what to do with it.  

If you're swapping bands between different users

If you need to switch a previously-paired band to a new user, be sure to first unpair it, then pair it to the new user. 

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