1. Plug each pod into USB port to wake 

Bands are shipped in sleep mode so they need to be woken. They’ll vibrate and the displays will illuminate up for 6 seconds when properly inserted into a USB port. 

2. Place the pod into a strap

3. Pair each band with a user 

Bands that are paired are active and recording data. It’s important that they’re distributed and worn by the intended user shortly after pairing. 

When you’re ready, pair each band with a specific user using the Sync app. The app will list all users that have been added to your account.  

4. Hand out the Readiband with a booklet 

When you’re ready to hand out the Readibands to the intended users, include one of the information booklets to orient your users around this device. 

Unpairing Readibands

Unpair a band by tapping Actions > Unpair next to the user the band is currently paired to. If you need to switch a band to a new user, be sure to first unpair it, then pair it to the new user.

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