1. In a web browser, sign in to app.fatiguescience.com 
  2. In the top right of your browser, navigate to Manage Users 
  3. Click Add User button

Depending on the type of account role and access permissions you have, you may see Manage Companies in the top right of your browser instead. When you navigate there, you may see one or more companies with one or more locations each. This depends on:

  • How your company is structured 
  • the way your fatigue management program or programs are being run, and
  • what type of role and access permissions you have.

Select the company and location you'd like to add user accounts to. This will take you to the list of users for that location.  

Create multiple accounts all at once
Ask your Fatigue Science Account Manager for help, as they have the means to do this by uploading a csv file containing lots of users. 

Otherwise, here's how you add a new user:

Start by clicking the Add user button, then fill in the name and email. 

You'll notice a dropdown menu with different roles or account types listed there. It'll always default to Readiband Wearer, so make sure to change that if you're creating an account for anyone who needs to add or edit users, or view the sleep data of others. To learn more about the different role types, give this article a read. 

If you'd like the user to be able to see their own sleep data, tick the Invite user to activate account at the bottom of the window before saving. They'll receive an email from us to set up their account. These invites expire in 7 days, but you can re-invite any user through the Resend link next to their name.   

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