If one or more of your Readibands won't sync, follow the steps below.
 What you'll need:
 - The Readiband(s) having syncing issues
 - The Sync app
 - USB ports for charging
 Some of the steps below require you to note feedback from the band or the app. Please record this information in the event the steps below don't solve your issue. This information can be used by our tech support to solve your issue more efficiently.
 Step 1: Go to the Sync app and find the user who's band isn't syncing. Tap Actions then tap Vibrate.
 Did the band vibrate?
 If the band doesn't vibrate, the battery may be below 35% and in sleep mode to preserve data.
 Step 2: Plug the band into a USB port and note the lights.
 Did the lights blink orange right away?
 Did the lights flash red, then green, then began blinking orange? This would indicate the band went into sleep mode (i.e. battery was below 35%).
 Step 3: Keep the band plugged in to charge. Check the Sync app for the battery reading.
 Is the band reporting a very low battery reading?
 Step 4: While the band is charging, tap Actions, then tap Vibrate.
 Did the band vibrate?
 Step 5: Leave the bands to fully charge. Once charged, the light will blink green. At this point, check the Sync app to see if the band has synced.
 The Sync app will sync with bands in the area every 4 hours. If the band has missed the last sync cycle, you may need to wait until the next one. If it's been more than 4 hours and the band still hasn't synced, move onto the next step.
 Step 6: In the Sync app, tap the cog icon to access the settings page. Tap Send Bug Report.
 Then, email help@fatiguesciece.com
 Please include any notes to the questions in the steps steps above. Tech support will contact you to help you solve this issue.

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